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Interactive personal skills training videos

This is no ordinary video! During it you will be asked some questions... How you answer them will affect how the video plays out!

Our ability to interact effectively makes a big difference… not only the outcome of many day-to-day situations, but also how quickly we get there. This 'Crucial Conversations' video is an example of what can be achieved. Our team can script, act and produce interactive video content on a wide range of soft-skills and management development topics: -

  • Prior to workshops, for training needs analysis of attendees
  • Post-workshop, as an aide-mémoire reinforcing key learning points and testing professional learning outcomes
  • As online learning tools for remote workers / new joiners unable to attend workshop sessions
  • As an internal resource for training specialists as part of a ‘train-the-trainer’ programmes

To find out more about what we could develop for you, give us a call on +44 0207 739 8800 or email us at intelligentvideo@multichanneltv.com

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